Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use of STARINDEX Service (the “Terms and Conditions”) is to define rights and obligations between the Company and the user (the “Member”) and other necessary matters with respect to the use of STARINDEX (the “Service”) provided by STARINDEX, Inc.(the “Company”) and any other services

Article 2 (Validity of Terms and Conditions and its Amendment)

Article 3 (Construction of Terms and Conditions and Exceptional Rules)

Article 4 (Definition)

Article 5 (Execution of Use Contract)

Article 6 (Obligation to Protect Personal Information)

Article 7(ID and PW of Member)

Article 8 (Obligation of the Company)

Article 9(Obligation of the Member)

Article 10(Provision of Service and Change)

Article 11(Publication of Advertisement)

Article 12(Provision of Information via Email)

Article 13(Restriction on Service Use)

Article 14(Rights and Responsibility for Posted Materials)

Article 15(Management of Posted Materials)

Article 16(Responsibility for Transactions)

Article 17(Fee-based Service)

Article 18(Limitation of Responsibility)

Article 19(Termination of Service)

Article 20(Indemnification)

Article 21(International User)

Any Member who uses the Service in or outside of the Republic of Korea shall agree that his/her personal information may be saved to the server located in the country other than where the Member is located pursuant to the agreement related to servers including internet data center (IDC) used by the Company, or transmitted among the countries.

Article 22(Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

This Privacy Policy was enacted on September 29, 2014.