1. What Personal Information We Collect

STARINDEX, Inc. (the “Company”) collects and uses mandatory information only for the purposes of rendering efficient management of membership, customer consulting service, and all types of services. The Company also collects and uses optional information to provide customized service, and other various services.

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The personal information collected is used for the following purposes. Any and all information provided by the member will not be used for any purpose other than the purposes described below, and in case that the purposes are changed, the Company will obtain the prior consent from the member.

3. Period for Retention and Use of Personal Information

The Company will retain and use the personal information of a member for the time span from the membership application date to the termination date of membership. In case that a member withdraws his/her consent for collection and use of personal information, or in case that the Company fulfills the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy and that the retention period hereunder is expired, the concerned personal information will be destroyed immediately. In such case, the personal information may not be either inspected or used for any other purposes. However, the following information will be retained for a specified time only for the causes described below.

Items to be retained: any and all records of membership register and its management including name, nickname, gender, date of birth, residence, personal introduction and photo, statement of settlement and purchase and records of fee-based commercial service.

Reasons for retention: prevention of confusion or interference in using the service, cooperation with the relevant authority which investigates the illegal user, and settlement of debtor-creditor relations between the Company and the Member

Retention period: 1 year
If any personal information of a member is required to be retained under the applicable laws and regulations, the Company will keep the information for a certain period of time.

Record of indication/advertisement: 6months (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)
Records of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)
Records of payment and supply of goods: 5years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)
Records of consumer complaint or handling of disputes: 3 years (Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.)

4. Procedures and Method of Destruction of Personal Information

After fulfilling the purposes of collection and use of the personal information, the member’s personal information will be discarded, in principle. Any personal information stored in electronic files will be discarded using technical methods preventing restoration thereof and the personal information printed on paper will be discarded by method of shredding or incineration.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Person

Personal information of a member will be used to the extent of being described in the “Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information”, and it cannot be used for other purposes without the prior consent of the member, and opened to the public, in principle. Any personal information will not be divulged or disclosed to a third person, corporate or organization without the consent of a member. However, in cases falling under any of the following, the Company may use or provide the personal information with caution:

However, even in case that any personal information is provided pursuant to applicable laws and regulation or at the request of enforcement authority, the Company should notify the concerned member of the fact, in principle. However, legal issues may force the Company to omit notification to the concerned member. The Company will exert our best efforts to prevent the personal information from being disclosed or provided indiscreetly contrary to the intended purposes of collection and use.
Provided however, even though the Company collects information related to the use pattern of the service of the user using Google Analytics and Flurry, the Company will not disclose the information gathered to third parties.

6. Entrustment of Management of Personal Information

The Company may entrust an outside company with the management of some of the personal information for smooth process, and upon executing the consignment agreement, the Company should stipulate the provisions about purpose and scope of entrustment, prevention from handling personal information for the purpose other than that entrusted, restriction on sub-entrustment, management and supervision of trustee, measures for security and responsibility in the document, and supervise whether the trustee handles the personal information entrusted in safe ways.

7. Matters about Installation, Operation and Denial of Device for Automatic Collection of Personal Information

The Company may operate ‘Cookies’ which stores and finds the member’s information from time to time in order to personalized service to the member. Cookies are used to operate the web site server sent to a member’s browser as a very small text file, which is stored on a member’s computer hard disk. Company (s) use cookies for the following purposes:
Company provides targeted marketing and personalized services through analysis of the frequencies of access and visiting-hour of the member and non-member, the user's tastes and interests and identification of various events such as participation rate and number of visits. You have a choice in the placement of Cookies. Thus, by setting your web browser options you may allow all Cookies, or confirm each time Cookie is stored, or you can refuse all Cookies stored.

How to reject Cookies set:
For example, as methods to reject Cookies, by setting your web browser options you may allow all Cookies, or confirm each time a Cookie is stored, or you can refuse all Cookies stored.
How to set (Internet Explorer only):
Web browser at the top of the tools> Internet Options> Personal Information
However, if you reject the placement of Cookies, it may be difficult to provide services which require log-on.

8. How to Exercise the Rights of User

The member reserves the rights to access, correct and delete personal information and to request the company to suspend the handling of the information at any time. Upon request of the member, the Company manages the member’s request without delay. However, upon request, the Company deletes the personal information in accordance with the procedures and method described in Section 4 hereof.

9. Linked Sites

The service provided by the Company may contain links to other company’s web sites or data. In such case, the Company does not reserve any rights to control the external web sites and data, and thus the Company should not be liable for or guarantee the utility of the service or data provided by outside company. In particular, if the member clicks on the links contained and transfers to other web site, the privacy policy of the concerned web site will be applied.

10. Technical and Managerial Measures to Protect the Personal Information

In handling the personal information of a member, the Company applies the technical and managerial measures as follows in order to prevent loss, stolen, divulge, falsification or compromise and to secure the safety.

11. Civil Service about Personal Information

The Company designates personal information manager to protect customers' personal information and to handle customer’s complaints regarding personal information.
The user may report any complaint related to Privacy Policy which occurs in the course of using the Company’s service to the personal information manager, and the Company will make prompt and sufficient response to the user’s complaint.

For report about infringement on personal information or more consultation, please contact the following agencies.

12. Miscellaneous

If the Company makes additions, deletions and changes to any terms or conditions of this Privacy Policy in accordance with the laws/ policy or changes in the security technology, such changes will be notified through a post through the service or email 7 days prior to the implementation of new Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was enacted on September 29, 2014.